San Diego Porsche Service Repair

Porsche Services and Repairs


  • Porsche Full Factory Maintenance Programs
  • Porsche Computer Diagnostics
  • Porsche Major and Minor engine compartment repairs
  • Porsche Drive belt Service
  • Porsche Brake Service
  • Porsche Steering Systems
  • Porsche Suspension
  • Porsche Clutch Service
  • Porsche Electrical Systems, Lighting, Batteries and Alternators
  • Porsche Engine Cooling Systems
  • Porsche Fuel Delivery Systems
  • Porsche Ignition Systems
  • Porsche Transmissions – Unit Swaps, Fluid, Filters and Torque Converter Servicing  Rebuilding

Overhaul Services:

Engine (air and water-cooled) Transmissions (4, 5 & 6 speed manual gearboxes and automatics) Carburetors (2 & 3 barrels including PMO, Solex, Weber and Zenith)

Performance Upgrade Services:

Brake system upgrades including calipers, rotors (drilled/slotted)
Performance brake pads and brake cooling systems
Transmission upgrades and custom gear ratios
GT Racing and Quaife limited slip differentials
Autothority, Powerchip, Weltmeister and custom performance software for Engine Control Units
Carburetor upgrades using PMO 40, 46 and 55mm kits
Suspension upgrades including shocks, springs/torsion bars and sway bars

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San Diego Porsche Service Repair
Porsche drivers love Black Forest Automotive Having over 40 years experience servicing and repairing these masterworks of German engineering is what sets us apart from the dealerships and independent shops in the San Diego area.