From manual to automatic transmission repair, Black Forest Automotive knows how to fix your vehicle’s problem. Our knowledgeable auto experts will diagnose the situation and help you make the right decision. Leave the dirty work to us! 


Automatic Transmissions can be comfortable and easy to drive. When in Drive they shift gears automatically based on how fast you’re traveling, your RPM levels, and vehicle weight. Unlike Manual Transmissions which require a clutch pedal, all you have to do is hit the gas and you’re on your way. This convenience also makes Automatic Transmissions complicated to repair because of the enormity of components they’re comprised of.


Manual Transmissions require the use of a gear shift and clutch pedal in order to have the right gear for the right rate of speed and power. Manual Transmissions can range from as little as 2 gears to as much as 8 gears. They are generally essential to 4-wheel drive vehicles. In most cases, a Manual Transmission is not as high-maintenance as an Automatic Transmission. At Black Forest Automotive, our auto mechanics can diagnose your vehicle’s condition and recommend the transmission repair or transmission service you need to ensure safety and improve the lifetime of your vehicle.


Both Automatic and Manual Transmissions require clutches. Although the Automatic Transmission doesn’t use a clutch pedal, the clutch is still a vital component when shifting gears. Clutches allow for smooth and easy car starts and gear shifts. That’s a lot of responsibility for a component in your vehicle and is the reason clutches are the victims of so much wear and tear. Over time, they eventually wear out. At Beyer Motor Works we can replace and repair your clutch if it’s slipping irregularly or is making suspicious noises.